Maija Peura

Frontend Web Developer | UX / UI Designer

I'm a Designer and Developer bridging over 10 years of combined nonprofit & corporate Project Management experience. I am passionate about creative problem-solving, positive user experiences, and intuitive design.

About Me

My passion for the user experience (UX) is deep-rooted and present in the awareness that expectations of a visually attractive, easily navigable website are unspoken. My approach to design is intuitive, soulful, visual and optimized.

I have over a decade of nonprofit sector experience where my heart strings were constantly plucked by the value of humanity. While attentive to organizational missions, I applied creative solutions to save time, energy and money for the business, ultimately choosing UX design. Epiphanies bring change. I returned to school, deepening my technical knowledge and passion for creativity via Web Design.

I have a BA in international studies from Hamline University, have traveled extensively and grown a special connection to Jamaican culture. Hablo Español, love sewing, and dancing to live music. Introspection and culture influence me! Oh…and I taught belly dancing!

Myers-Briggs MBTI

  • Extroverted: Energized by time with others
  • Intuitive: Focus on ideas and concepts
  • Feeling: Prioritize people and emotions
  • Perceiving: Prefer freedom and flexibility

Strengths Finder

  • Maximizer
  • Woo
  • Communication
  • Ideation
  • Adaptability


CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW for an overview of each website project I am highlighting for my portfolio; Lake Superior Spirits and Brews, The Virtual Assistant, and White Pine National Park. Also, I have a section called Corporate Media, where you can see some of my abilities to create print media items.

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Get in touch

Thanks for visiting my site and checking out my work – I hope you feel that you learned a bit more about me. Do you have a project you want to talk about? Let’s grab a cup of coffee! I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Minneapolis, MN
Maija Peura